Wind Renewable Energy Is Free And Infinite

Wind Turbine

Wind Renewable Energy Is Free And Infinite


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Harnessing the energy of the wind has been powered by man’s early attempts to innovate technology in order to deal with the environment.

It served him well in the past like in operating of sailboats, sailing ships and windmills for irrigation and milling grains. The wind renewable energy is not only free, it also has no limits. This wisdom has supported man’s use for it for over 5,000 years particularly in the cultivation of vast lands where power is needed, but unavailable or too expensive.

Fundamentally, wind renewable energy is actually solar renewable energy. It is a product of the uneven heating of the atmosphere by the sun and the spinning of the earth. The wind flow and its velocity and direction are influenced by many variable features on the surface of the earth. The wind turbines transform the wind flow or motion energy into electricity as it is harnessed. A wind turbine is like a reversed that sucks wind rather that blows it, turn the shaft, transmit this to a generator and converts it into utilizable energy called electricity.

Wind is so unlike fossil fuels that expensive and consumable. Its combustion produces pollutants including carbon dioxide which is destroying the ozone layer. Conversely, wind renewable energy is a source of energy which is clean, free and can be exploited without fear of being depleted. And because the space in the open waters is more expansive, it more ideal fo a wind RE system; so it need not eat up the living space of man and the other valuable sytems.

If there are downsides to its harvest, these are the noise which turbines produce, the high mortality it can impinge on birds and bats when these fly into rotors or blades and being unsightly. The bigger challenges are the intermittent nature of wind and the high initial cost of the facility. Imagine needing energy and it cannot be generated because there is no wind.

There is hope in the battle against energy crisis, global warming and pollution with wind renewable energy. The promise of wind renewable energy gives hope if the snags and the challenges can be handled by the design and technology.

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