The Different Varieties Of White Calla Lilies

White Calla Lilies

The Different Varieties Of White Calla Lilies

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Zantedeschia or also known as Calla Lilies are native flowering plants in Africa. These trumpet-like flowers come in different colors like red, orange, pink, but the white calla lilies are most scented among them all. These flowers are frequently used in floral arrangements, wedding bouquets, and centerpieces. Now, let us try to see the different kinds of white Calla Lilies.

1. Zantedeschia aethiopica. This has a plain white color. Originally, this comes from Africa. The flowers is pure white, and the leaves are dark green in color and has a lance shape. Also, Zantedeschia aethiopica can naturally be found in the northern coast of California. White Giant is an ostentatious cultivar of this specie of flower, with four feet tall leaves and six feet white flower spikes.

2. Zantedeschia albomaculata. This is an average- to tall-growing calla lily with arrow-shaped and white-spotted leaves. It is a native to swampy regions of southeast Africa. One of the known cultivar of Zantedeschia albomaculata is the Picasso, which has spotted leaves and a medium size, white to light plum-colored flower.

3. Other types and cultivars. Many plant breeders today, have come up of new crossbreed varities of white calla lilies combined with other two types of cultivar. The Whipped Cream can grow up to three feet. One type of dwarf cultivar is the Child’s Perfection or “Childsiana” , which can grow up to 18 inches. Meanwhile, the Crystal Blush has natural, narrow, green leaves with white to light pink flower. Lastly, Rod’s Red known for its unique color , in which it has a bright cherry color on the outer layer and a white inside layer.

So, these are some of the white calla lilies cultivars and types seen worldwide. Given that these flowering plants are best grown in tropical climate, the U.S. Department of Agriculture suggested that one should plant it in zone 10 or warmer than the zone 9 wherein most of plant breeders are doing so.

The white calla lilies are suitable to cultivate in well-moist soil with partial sunlight on the spot. These plants may become dormant if the plant breeders fail to water or maintain its moist soil texture. The rhizomes should be properly kept by burrowing them in the first winter month, and place them in safe place where they can dry out; this way, the plant breeder can have them year after year.

Keep these flowers at 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit during winter season. If appropriate care has been given to these wonderfully-made flowering plants, the owner could be happy to see it bloom over and over again.

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