The Wait For Treatment For Lupus Is Over


The Wait For Treatment For Lupus Is Over

What is it about lupus that makes one’s hair stand or cringe with fear? Lupus is a disorder of the autoimmune with causes that are unknown and symptoms that are not definite making it difficult to diagnose. Thus, most people who are afflicted with the disorder are totally unaware they have it until severe symptoms are observed warranting the conduct of many tests. Unfortunately, there is no single lab test that can affirm one’s notion with certainty. In fact, the treatment for lupus just got discovered.

This is the 21st century so it is rather hard to believe that such disorder had rampaged for over five decades without a treatment. The Benlysta (belimumab), the first safe and effective treatment against systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), was recently introduced in the market. The popular drugs used for managing symptoms were simply pain relievers and anti-inflammatory medicines before this came out in the market. The treatments being used in the treatment of affected organs vary depending on what organ is ailing.

Belimumab is also called monoclonal antibodies which are biological agents that is intended as a specific treatment for lupus SLE. It is an offshoot of the discovery of a new immune system molecule, BLyS. A path for the treatment lupus is opened by manipulating this molecule. The development can be credited to the efforts of Human Genome Sciences (HGS) and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK).

The mechanism of action is based on the binding of the monoclonal antibodies to the hyperactive proteins characteristic of lupus. By binding to these proteins, these become unavailable thus limiting its further activity. Not only does this drug weakens the manifestations of lupus, adverse reactions are fewer and more tolerable. Combining the other treatment drugs with Benlysta can weaken lupus activity more effectively rather than when these medicines are used singly. Dependence of lupus patients on damaging corticosteroids is minimized with Benlysta.

It is indeed great news that finally a treatment for SLE has come. The efforts, however cannot stay stagnant in a corner. Efforts must continue to develop more drugs. There are other challenges that treatment for lupus faces such as: side effects reduction; inexpensive options; and more innovative forms and benefits for faster healing. For those who are suffering from lupus all over the world, this drug is a symbol of an achievement and hope. There were hitches along the quest, but the hope and the cure are now at hand.

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