The Ultimate Guide To Brown Fat

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The Ultimate Guide To Brown Fat

Fat or more precisely adipose tissue is extremely important for keeping the internal organs safe, storing energy, and aiding the regulation of body temperature. But the twist here is that not all fat has the same effect on the human body. And that’s where the reputation of fat faces a big question mark.

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The most common form of fat in the body is the white adipose tissue or white fat whose function is to store calories to produce energy. And there’s also another kind of fat known as BROWN FAT or BROWN ADIPOSE TISSUE that is present in small amounts in all human beings.

how to lose belly fat naturallyThe function of this fat is to keep the body warm in cold climates. Sometimes, white fat also converts to brown fat and this stage is termed beige fat. In recent times, scientists have found that BROWN FAT serves an even greater function in controlling diabetes, protecting heart health, and aiding weight loss.



According to researchers of medicine at Joslin, the capacity of beige as well as brown fat cells to use fuel and generate heat, specifically in low temperatures has made it a suitable means to curb obesity and metabolism-related ailments. Metabolism is a process where several chemical reactions disintegrate the food we eat. These compounds are used to create energy. These are used for building new cell structures. Various factors like genes, diet, daily activities, and environment play a role in determining metabolism.

With the BROWN FAT INCREASE, the sugar, amino acids, and fat molecules are broken to generate heat and keep up body temperature. In cold temperatures, these BROWN FAT CELLS are activated and this causes numerous metabolic changes. Brown fat stores energy in comparatively smaller spaces. It’s also densely packed with iron-rich mitochondria which gives these fat cells their color. With the burning of brown fat, the body gets heated up without shivering through the process referred to as thermogenesis. And it also helps in burning calories.

However, the major percentage of fat in our body comprises white fat cells which store additional energy and lead to obesity. Researchers around the globe are working to harness the activity of brown fat for treating metabolic issues.


When the body becomes cold, it creates a hormone known as norepinephrine, and brown fat cells contain the receptors for this hormone. As the receptors can sense the presence of this hormone, they signal the mitochondria to produce energy. The body becomes warm and thus, the temperature is maintained. Even though we tend to lose brown adipose tissue as we age, adults still have small amounts of brown fat in certain parts like the spinal cord, kidney, collarbone, and neck region. Compared to overweight people, lean individuals have more BROWN FAT CELLS. Also, women tend to possess more brown fat than men.

Scientists are working to find out about other roles that brown fat play in the human body. These include how workouts can signal hormones to utilize brown fat and how they can be used to treat obesity. It was found in a study that brown fat can filter out some specific amino acids such as valine, isoleucine, and leucine from the blood.

These amino acids are produced in the body from the consumption of fish, chicken, milk, and eggs. Consumption of certain muscle-building supplements. These amino acids are vital for the body in small amounts and too much of them in the bloodstream can cause diabetes and obesity.

what to do to get rid of belly fat

The lesser the amount of brown fat in the body, the more difficult it is to remove these amino acids. And when their amounts go too high, the risk of developing metabolism-related conditions also goes up.


Scientists have found that certain drugs can lead to the browning of white fat cells. TZDs or thiazolidinediones is a class of drugs used for managing insulin resistance and it can be used for the accumulation of brown fat.

But these medicines are recommended for people with diabetes only and others cannot have them. Also, these drugs have various side effects such as fluid retention, weight gain, and others. This indicates that it cannot be used as a quick fix for those who quickly want to have a BROWN FAT INCREASE. So here are some viable alternatives to increase brown fat cells:


Exposing the body to cooler temperatures can aid in recruiting more brown fat cells in the body. Some researchers suggest that exposure to a lower temperature around 19 degrees centigrade or 66 degrees Fahrenheit can be enough to turn fat brown. If you live in the warmer part of the world, you can try taking cold showers or ice baths twice a day can help.


A study conducted in 2016 revealed that people with a sedentary lifestyle generated lesser irisin compared to those who worked out more often. Workout is highly recommended by cardiac experts and weight management people. Even though more research is required to prove that exercise created more brown fat, exercise proffers tons of health benefits.


Just as white fat cells can transform into brown or beige cells, BROWN FAT CELLS may also change into white fat through a process called brown fat whitening which leads to obesity. Moreover, some of the comorbidities related to obesity such as heart ailments or type 2 diabetes are also associated with low-grade and chronic inflammation of white fat cells.


Supplements like Exipure (affiliate link) containing clinically-proven ingredients like Perilla, Kudzu, holy basil, ginseng, amur cork bark, Propolis, Quercetin, and Oleuropein help in boosting brown adipose tissue, support brain health, healthy immunity, artery health, reduce stress and rejuvenate aging cells.


Substantial research is required before health experts can hand out BROWN FAT SUPPLEMENTS or recommend other quick fixes to convert white fat cells into brown. So before you decide to take ice baths regularly or eat more or turn down the thermostat, you may begin with small changes to your food habits and low-impact exercises.

Note – This article may contain affiliate links. If you purchase anything after clicking an affiliate link, i may receive some compensation.

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