Chic Red Hair Color

Red Hair Color

Chic Red Hair Color


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Pizzazz! That’s how red hair color can best be described.

It emphasizes ardor, vivacity and appetite for life. It’s a head turner. People follow you with that kind of interest. This is because the color is too vivid and extraordinary.

The occurrence of red hair in the human gene pool is very rare at about one to two percent of the population. It takes the pooling of two recessive genes in chromosome 16 to lead to its expression as a phenotype or to be physically expressed as a trait. The intensity or depth of color which range from burnt orange to bright copper is always directly proportional to the amount of pigments in the hair.

A homozygous or pure condition of the recessive genes in the chromosome 16 is not a prerequisite anymore to be a redhead these days. A bottle of a good brand of hair colorant is all you need and you are transformed.

One good question that need answered though is: Is red hair color becoming on you?

It is quite becoming if your skin color is fair or cool. If you have a confident stance, extrovert nature and ability to handle attention, then you are welcome to it. Do you have a crown of hair that is in good condition to bind with the small red pigment molecules? Maybe red is really a color you can claim.

Being tender of age goes with vivacity and energy. Some fashionable teen idols have already red hair color like Lindsay Lohan and Ashlee Simpson to serve as models for other teens around the world. One will never run out of choices for a wide array of red shades from faint copper blonde to scorching reds like fire-engine red. If a drastic change sounds too ominous or intimidating, why not try going for the highlights or for depths.

If you have that vibrant personality, thou you may not be as young anymore, any copper shade of copper applied on brown tresses will do great wonders for you. You may also opt for plum or mahogany but expect a more dramatic result. If one’s original hair color is deep brown or black, brilliant reds or copper to mahogany highlights are good for drama, while soft red or plum for subtler effects.

Make red work for you be picking the suitable red hair color or shade and donning a becoming makeup. Using more pink always look good on fair-skinned redheads but not with dark, smoky eyes. The eyebrows need not be the same color as the hair; that will be an overkill.

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