All About Pheromones For Men


All About Pheromones For Men

Some researchers are still doubtful about whether or not humans essentially make and react to pheromones.

In fact, almost all kinds of mammals have pheromones. For many years, scientists still don’t want to believe that humans can smell these hormones. Isolated researches, on the other hand, has reportedly placed a gene in human beings that cause the olfactory system to distinguish and obtain the chemical messages by the pheromones.

Chemical Messages

Once these chemical messages are acquired, the body of humans would respond to pheromones with a lot of changes in their psychological, physiological, emotional and behavior.

Androstenone, androsterone, androstenol are three pheromones for men. The main functions of these pheromones in men, as claimed by the scientist, would include catch opposite sex’s attention, own a territory, and even release during aggression.


Male pheromones are released normally by their androgen steroids.

Androstenone or “anone” is believed to be found in the sweat and urine of men. The scent of this pheromone is something like a fresh vanilla, which depends on person’s olfactory genes. Not everybody could smell anone. Actually, the individual who would respond to the functions of pheromone are those only posses the genes and androsterone odor receptors. Also, many studies show that pheromones for men are use to attract both men and women.

Androstenol is naturally found in women’s hormones, but men also have a small amount of this pheromone. It is identified for prompting social interface. It is as well found out that this pheromone plays on important function in the fighting ability and violent behavior of men.

Androsterone or “arone” is a pheromone for men that is popularly known to everybody. This musk and camphor scented pheromone basically plays an important function in the men’s masculinity and domination. In fact, this pheromone can be discerned by 65% of human population as based on the studies made by the researchers.

While many individuals are completely stimulated by arone, but others resisted it. Women and men can be fascinated with one another because of arone. In fact, many sprays, cologne, and perfumes for men have small amount of pheromones in it. And because of that, arone is now thought to be the best component used in drawing interest of the opposite sex.

These are just a brief understanding about pheromones for men.

The power of pheromones are still under the studies of many researchers around the world. And because of its effectiveness to draw other’s attention, a lot of manufacturers integrated pheromones in their products like perfumes, colognes, and sprays, which definitely is a big boom in their industry.


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