Conventional And Odd Offline Marketing Methods


Conventional And Odd Offline Marketing Methods


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So you think the internet age has eclipsed everything that is not in the web such as offline marketing methods?

If such is how you conceive the internet generation, then maybe you should think again. To date, those traditional and time-proven marketing strategies can still match modern concepts. In fact, it was a surprise for many that offline marketing methods are now regarded as the most potent force to get that amplified traffic to your URL or website.

What offline marketing methods can be effective in fueling the traffic to the website of the online business?

Classified Ads in newspapers are here to stay. Even with the advent of the cabled TV, the morning habit of people around the world which includes reading newspaper was never changed. That is unparalleled even by the web mania.

Classified Ads

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Radio and television commercials are still grinding money. They can still potently sway the peoples’ preferences by way of sights and sounds packed in commercials; thus, it can still improve sales of such advertised products. Radio and television technologies will just get more sophisticated but will never go.

Print advertising is just around. Despite all the technologies, the print business just stayed afloat. These technologies were instead integrated for more efficient and effective printing. Data shows that there more books printed during the internet age than before it.


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If you find this methods to be expensive and you would prefer inexpensive but creative methods, here are some things that you can do:

Stickers can do the trick by putting in the the URL and some attention-getting, catchy lines.

Hang advertisement posters everywhere possible for visibility and exposure.

Bookmarks and fliers bearing the same catchy lines and URL can be given away in libraries, schools, etc.

Give away items with URL stickers.

Because we are in the internet generation, the kids of this age will probably have difficulty appreciating, much less using traditional practices. If the desire to succeed is intense enough, nothing is tough enough like using time-tested offline marketing methods.

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