Home HIV Test – Kits And Procedures


Home HIV Test – Kits And Procedures

The FDA or Food And Drug Administration supported home HIV test kits that could be bought in any healthcare stores and online.

First, a special code number is given to the patient for identification. This is also for privacy purposes. Kits usually consist of a lancet, which is used to prick the finger, and a testing card where the blood is placed. After the blood testing, the sample will be sent to the laboratory for further analysis. Results are usually obtained a week after.

In fact, pre and post test instructions are given by the home HIV test kit manufacturers. These home kits as well are now available in several retail shops out there. Most of these kits have oral sponge for swabbing the mouth, and a lancet for pricking a finger for blood sample. Results are given in five to ten minutes after the initial test.

Home Access is FDA approved and considered as highly reliable and accurate home HIV test. The tests approved by the FDA have not found to be statistically a vital factor of accurateness and reliability of the results. The private laboratories could have examined for correctness and validity of the non-FDA approved tests; however, the FDA has rigid and methodical testing sets of rules that private laboratories might not go after.

Additionally, when some of these tests are improperly utilized could provide false results. This is because of the lack of training on how to correctly interpret the results. Whatever be the results of eth test, it still have a great impact on the person tested and to other people since the virus can be spread given that the patient believes he is not infected yet he is truly is.

Most of the time Home HIV test kits prices could be $40 to $70 for one test. The non-FDA approved tests could costs $20 or less, but these would not be offered in the market for a long period of time. The test products for HIV not approved by FDA are strictly monitored especially in the United States; this is done to prevent any misinterpretation of tests results. Unfortunately, lots of of these non-FDA approved manufacturers assure accuracy and confirmation of results, much to the loss of those who buy these kits without even doing the appropriate research.

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