Get Free Nintendo 3DS Games Through The Nintendo Ambassador Program

Nintendo 3DS

Get Free Nintendo 3DS Games Through The Nintendo Ambassador Program

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Nintendo 3DS is the first 3D technology portable game console that ever hit the market. When Nintendo announced that they have a new game console capable of 3D, gamers from all over the world began to wait excitedly for its release. Some could only imagine having one though, because $249.99 was an amount that’s too high to pay. Good thing, Nintendo decided to drop the price . Because of this, those people who could not afford the original price can now head out to any gaming store and buy the 3DS game console that can produce 3D effects to games, videos, photos, and music even without the glasses.

So, what about those gamers who spent $80 dollars more on their Nintendo 3DS just because they were too excited and couldn’t wait to get the device? The early birds can expect to be in for some very exciting news. If you bought your Nintendo 3DS when its price tag was still $250, you will be rewarded with free Nintendo 3DS games by way of the Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Program.

The Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Program is Nintendo’s way of apologizing to those who shelled out more cash for purchasing the 3DS early. In this program, an individual who signs in to eShop or performs a system update at least once before August 11th is automatically considered a Nintendo 3DS ambassador. Nintendo 3DS ambassadors can now forget about the $80 they could have saved because they can claim free Nintendo 3DS games from eShop via WiFi network.

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Nintendo will be giving out 20 free Nintendo 3DS games to ambassadors, which includes ten NES Virtual Console games and ten GameBoy Advance Virtual Console games. If you need information about the downloading process of these free Nintendo 3DS games, you can always visit for step-by-step instructions. But then again, remember that these games are only available to owners who are eligible for the Ambassador Program.

3D technology has indeed added a new experience to the gaming arena. And now that the Nintendo 3DS comes at a more affordable price, more people can get to try out playing video games in 3D.

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