Making A Choice Between Plastic Or Eco Friendly Paper

Eco Friendly Paper

Making A Choice Between Plastic Or Eco Friendly Paper

Out of pressure from environment lobbyists and advocates, the conscious effort started molding the culture of corporate conscience and social responsibility.

The advocacy of stopping the usage of plastic bags has resulted to banning its use in my states in cities all over the globe. In several countries, consumers are asked: “paper or plastic?” that refer to the bags they like to use. The right answer should be: “Neither”. Ask for an eco friendly paper bag or perhaps a biodegradable plastic bag.

The use of plastic is being discouraged because plastics take hundreds of years to decompose and triggers many environmental crisis. This is the reason why the logical solution is by using paper bags since these are biodegradable. Yet, everyone is aware that paper and other paper products are produced from trees. Think of all the trees falling just to produce paper. This has been and still is the problem by many environmental enthusiasts.

Have today’s technology came up with a technological solution yet? A likely solution from this problem from technology is by creating a plastic-like material that does the same things but is biodegradable. Another solution can be by using eco friendly paper that is not created from the pulps of forest as well as native trees. Technically, an eco friendly paper is a 100 percent post-consumer waste paper or sourced from plant fibers other than trees like wheat or rice straw, bagasse and hemp. They may also come from ecologically managed eucalypt or pine plantations. The process concerned eliminates the use of chlorine to bleach papers to whiteness also by using an effluent recycling system. These are done by using technologies that are new called Totally Effluent Free (TEF) and the Totally Chlorine Free (TCF).

The solutions available do not really have to be technical. A great yet easy solution is using “carry your own bags” (CYOB) or perhaps “carry your own containers” (CYOC). Using substitutes for paper or plastic which can be reused again and again are ideal and the call of the times. Recycling and reusing papers is a great solution and is easy to do. Segregating and selling them to paper manufacturers that can be made into eco friendly paper is the great solution too.

So by the time you are in the grocery again and are asked: “Plastic or paper?”. Respond: “Neither, not unless the paper bags you use are eco friendly paper”.

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