Why Best Chocolate Truffles Are Great Gifts

Chocolate Truffles

Why Best Chocolate Truffles Are Great Gifts

It is a fact that chocolate is a perfect gift as an expression of love filled with good intentions. It is a matter that if we can give the best there is to the special persons in our life, we would.

So where can the best chocolate truffles be bought?

To know what may be the best chocolate gift you can give to special people in your life, it is important to get to know the person.

Before even looking for the best chocolate truffles with luscious fillings and all, take some time to find out first what appeals to the person you want to gift it with. The best chocolate truffles have different fillings that spells excitement as each is popped in one’s mouth. The special one in your life is someone who deserves scrumptious fillings.

Consequently, finding a match is easier to do if one is willing to spend a small fortune on upscale and gourmet chocolates.

If you can’t get enough of chocolates, then you must be familiar with these name big names in the world of chocolate epicure.

Organic cocoa is Dagoba, the one true pride of Frederick Schilling who has gone to the ends of the world to find organic ingredients.

Exquisite and luxurious is how one describes La Maison du Chocolat. The truffles are sweeter than bitter and boxed in classy leather containers.

If one wants classic American or exotic oriental truffles one can go for Richard Donnely Fine Chocolates.

Ganache Chocolates of Norman of the Ritz Carlton Hotel and his ladylove Judy Limekiller perfected the hand-painting or airbrushing technique in confectionery filled with the finest chocolate and fresh pureed fruits and nuts.

Garrison Confections is the home of the best chocolate truffles and best exemplified in the signature couveture.

Such expensive labels may just be way over what one can afford, so choose the homemade ones.

Homemade truffles evoke appreciation, thus these are the best chocolate truffles that one can ever hope to find in this world.

Just choose an excellent chocolate which is a bit glossy, does not have a metallic scent and supple as well as without tasting coarse, fatty or dry as a bone, and you’re on the right way to making the best chocolate truffles ever.

Fall In Love With Chocolate Truffles Recipe

They say “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”; and the way to a woman’s heart is through chocolate.

A man who desires a woman so passionately can make the woman toss all cautions in the air and fall in love by speaking of love through chocolates. Make the man cook for his ladylove and there can be no greater flattery and declaration of passion.

So to all men out there here is another surefire way of making a woman think you’re sweet and make them like you even more.

Try fixing this love-filled chocolate truffles recipe.

Chocolate truffles recipe have been passed on from generations.

Exciting and sweet fillings are usually infused such as nuts, luscious fruits and berries, cream, jelly, another round of chocolate and other sweet favorites. Discovering and relishing the unknown filling makes eating a truffle a truly heady experience.

Many variations of the chocolate truffles recipe from Europe now exist such as those concocted in the US, Switzerland and Canada.

One unusual chocolate truffles recipe pr concoction is the so called Raw Truffle which blends raw cacao, syrup, agave and coconut oil with a garnish of raw cacao or raw coconut or both.

Here is an easy chocolate truffles recipe that would make the night extra special, especially after a date.

Yummy Truffles Recipe:

A cup of heavy cream, 14 oz. of Dark chocolate (unsweetened chocolate can also be used), an additional buffer chocolate of 8 oz., 11/2 cups of cocoa powder, and an option of 3 tablespoons of butter.


Crumble the chocolates. Put this in a bowl. Heat the cream. Put the cream over the chocolate, continue stirring until the chocolate is mixed with the cream and the chocolate has completely melted. This is the batter called “ganache”; one can add the optional butter at this point. If you want to have good truffles, the strategy is to make sure the ganache is of the tight consistency or thick enough to mold them into balls. Once the balls are done, coat them with whatever you may fancy like almonds, shredded coconut and other favorites.

French Chocolate Truffles: Bon Appétit

Imagine romance and love and you will imagine Italy and France and French chocolate truffles.

When one dreams about what it feels like, one imagines heavenly, delightful, pure satisfaction, it is just too good to be true.

Well, not everyone is French, or has the opportunity to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa anytime with someone special. Yet anyone can savor the glorious bitter-sweet confections called French chocolate truffles without difficulty these days. Chocmod Truffetes de France and Truffetes de France are only two among the many one can purchase in chocolate connoisseurs and shopping malls.

Why are French chocolate truffles such a craved for chocolate hit among romantics and chocolate lovers?

These divine sweets are raved about because of the dark chocolate, the heavy cream, even with the optional butter and the powdered cocoa. The truffles has been known to be delightful, the queen of all French chocolates, decadent, sinful, delicate and pure.

When depicted with such adjectives, it must only mean that French chocolate truffles taste like heaven. However this also means that because of its heavenly attributes not everyone can taste it because it is quite heavy in the wallet. If you are not ready to spend a small fortune on these, you always have the option of making your very own version infused with some creative twists particularly in the fillings.

When creating one’s own style of French chocolate truffles one must remember its two elements: to use dark chocolate and to dust the truffles with high-quality cocoa powder.

There are different options of finding a recipe like in the internet or book to create the basic ganache or batter created with heavy cream and high quality dark chocolate. Some creative additions can be mixing crushed nuts like almonds, hazelnuts, macadamia or pistachios in the ganache before they are refrigerated to firm and mold into balls with the desired filling. One rich filling that chocolate lovers would go gaga about is soft chocolate that melts in one’s mouth.

Would there be any other option ending a delicious meal, a date or a do nothing day than a hot pick-me-up or a sparkling glass of champagne together with these little passion-filled sweets?

Milk Chocolate Truffles In Moderation Is Healthy

Eating chocolate is pure pleasure, yet indulgence is a sin. It is something that is dieters have learned to avoid.

Dodging chocolate temptations especially the super smooth milk chocolate truffles is, however, almost always impossible and many still succumb to its call.

Milk chocolates is a world favorite and thus a best–seller because it is sweeter and it lacks the bitterness of a dark chocolate.

Celebrations graced with milk chocolates in cakes and confectioneries like milk chocolate truffles during birthdays, weddings or simply a coming together may are poised for an immediate demolition with its inviting taste and appeal.

For adult parties, lacing it with a dose of a good liqueur will give the party the kick it needs. Such is an occasion when people on weight loss programs need to restrain themselves from gorging on too much of the wicked chocolate that contains much fat and calories.

White chocolates like the one used in white chocolate truffles is not all about bad cholesterol and calories, it also contain nutrients that provide health benefits.

There are essential nutrients from milk that fortify chocolates and are useful in preventing osteoporosis and bone loss. What a delicious way in filling up with milk nutrients without really drinking milk.

A 100 gram piece of milk chocolate is enough to meet 20 to 40% of the Recommended Daily Allowance of calcium. Healthy blood cell formation, efficient absorption of calcium and enhanced muscle growth and development are just some of the good effects of the nutrients in milk chocolates like vitamins A, D, E and B12.

Since it is derived partly from cocoa, one may expect goodness like iron, copper, magnesium, phosphorus and zinc.

It may be worthy to remember too that originating from the cacao plant, it contains many phytochemicals like the rest of its relatives in the plant kingdom. Cacao seeds are actually rich in bioflavonoids that are thought to possess the capacities to prevent cancer, maintain cardiovascular health, and many anti-oxidant benefits.

To benefit from chocolates is to learn temperance and moderation ;once done, gobbling on chocolates even white chocolate truffle will be beneficial rather than a sin.


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