Cheap Cruise Is A Marketing Jargon

Cheap Cruise

Cheap Cruise Is A Marketing Jargon

Doesn’t the concept of a cheap cruise dubious? After such a lifetime of dreaming, can going cheap meet one’s expectations? What can be expected in a cheap cruise?

It is common among people whether rich or poor to dream of going on a luxurious dream vacation. Cruising in the high seas, calling on ports with different cultures and lifestyles, going island hopping and luxuriating on board the cruise liners in between are enough for anyone to salivate. These will just remain ti be dreams because only few can spare that kind of money. Most employees or students who dream of this kind of vacation have through hard times just to save up for it. This explains why the interest in knowing about cheap cruise and what to do to get wind of it.

For all intents and purposes, a cheap cruise is not really cheap in the real sense of the word. Since cruising has always been associated with luxury, such would be impossible. The word ‘cheap’ was rather used indifferently and can be taken to mean something else. It is used to denote a lower price in a promotional package so that tourist will be motivated. It may be more accurate and prudent to use the words ‘cost effective’.

Cheap cruise or cost effective cruise comes in the form of discounts given in early bookings, group bookings, and bookings during off peak seasons. The rationale is so simple. An example would be, after a holiday like Christmas, who wants to go on a vacation? Yet, there will always be those who have means, money and are not bound by work to go on a vacation anytime of the year. People who have extra money are lured to avail of extended tours for a rate lower than the regular. These promos will ensure that the target market will be lured to take their vacation during these seasons. Lowering those rates is better than let the cruise ships sail with a lot of unsold slots where the operators can stand to lose more. In the process that compensatory strategies are employed like less food choices in the buffet or closing some bars.

If yo can squeeze in your schedule a vacation at some “unholy” hour, go for the cheap cruise for more value to your hard earned money. They will still deliver what they promise to deliver. It is just a word used to lure tourists.

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