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Dehydrated Food Storage

Dehydrated Food Storage Is A Buffer Against Fear From The Unknown

The uncertainties of the future bring forth fear; it is a complex and inexplicable emotion that is bred by man’s desire for security.

The distrous episodes in man’s history are enough lessons for anyone to be always prepared. Hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and other tragedies can unexpectedly happen anytime. Thus, it is not uncommon for Americans to build shelters replete of all the essentials especially water and food. This is one time when dehydrated food storage is relied upon to secure whatever disasters may happen.

These days, foods can be stored using certain processes like freezing, canning and dehydrating. Drying foods by exposure to sun’s heat constitute man’s first method of food preservation. The process of drying is still as popular and can be done at home using food dehydrators or just plain ovens. The flow of air in food dehydrators make the drying even and the process simpler and convenient. To make sure that consumers can get the best value for their money, consumers need to consult product reviews for food dehydrators.

Three of the top models are:

Excalibur 3900 Deluxe Series 9 Tray Food Dehydrator,

Nesco FD-75PR 700-Watt Food Dehydrator and

the Waring Pro DHR20 525-Watt 5-Tray Food Dehydrator.

If one has time in one’s hands or there are too much suplusses in one’s harvests, home drying is a great solution. Buying dehydrated food from groceries or special supply stores is recommended though if the intent of dehydrated food storage is for survival during unfortunate events. One must always start with the basics that can sustain life. Some of these are grains, legumes, sugar, salt, dehydrated milk and seeds. Choose grocery products that are preferred by most members of the family. What makes frreze-dried good choices in survival kits is the fact that these can last for years and years with intact qauality and flavor. To your heart’s content, cravings for paghetti, lasagna,broccolis, pizza, steak, fried egg with bacon, and seafood dishes can be satisfied. In a single step, that is with rehydration, the food is brought back to life.

Who wants freak and catastrophic events that can cost lives and properties? But these calamities are bound to happen without knowing when. Food technology that improves dehydrated food storage is a great solution that makes survival rate more possible.

Mexican Food

Popular And Awesome Mexican Chicken Recipes


Traditional Mexican recipes are products of pre-Hispanic traditions.

Chicken, vegetables with wine, and salsas of onion and garlic is just an example of many Mexican dishes popular nowadays.

Below are two Mexican chicken recipes that are popular nowadays.


1. Chilaquiles Chicken Casserole


Chicken Casserole



•2 marinated (salt and black pepper) chicken breasts
•2 cups of chicken stock
•½ cup of whipped cream
•3 cups of tomato salsa
•12 corn tortillas
•2 tablespoons of vegetable oil
•½ teaspoon of pepper powder
•1 diced onion
•3 cups of grated cheese


Place the chicken stock in a large saucepan to boil. After that, add the marinated chicken breasts, cover the saucepan, cook it and wait until the meat become tender. When cool, slice the meat into preferred proportions.

Blend the shredded chicken salsa, cream, salt, and onion, pepper in large mixing bowl. Heat the vegetable oil in the frying pan, and fry the tortillas and see to it that the sides are soften. Drain the oil in the tortillas with the use of a colander.

Appy some oil into the casserole dish, and put the chilaquiles (fried corn tortillas), and in the baking dish, garnish it with cheese. Mix the chicken and salsa into the dish, and check if all the tortillas are softened with the juices.

Garnish it some cheese on top. With the use of an aluminum foil, cover the casserole and put it in oven to bake for at least 30 minutes. Before serving, make sure you let the Chilaquiles Chicken Casserole to cool down first.


2. Chicken Enchiladas


Chicken Enchiladas



• cooked chicken breasts
•2 cups of chicken broth
•corn tortillas
•half cup of fresh cilantro
•green onions
•one cup of cream
•shredded cheddar cheese
•minced onions
•one-fourth cup of flour
•chopped green chillies
•vegetable oil


Cook the tortillas for at least five minutes on the frying pan. Roast the chicken for one hour. Take away the bacon slices.

Roast the chicken again for half hour, or until the juices are clear. Place the roasted chicken into the platter. Use aluminum foil to cover the entire chicken. Prepare the gravy. Remove the chicken fats that accumulate in the bottom of the pan. Put some wine and chicken stock, then boil it.

For five minutes, heat it in low fire, and boil it until the amount have been reduced to half. On the platter, slice the chicken and add some ingredients like bacon slices, roasted garlic, one sliced lemon, and reserved thyme. Don’t forget to serve the gravy.

Mexican chicken recipes is among the delicious recipes that your family will love.

Acai Berries

Acai Juice For Weight Loss To Keep You Fit And Healthy


Image by Marisa04 from Pixabay


Do you have any idea about the benefits of acai juice in weight loss? If you have no idea, then read on this article for you to have some knowledge on how it works for weight loss.

Acai berries is typically a fruit of acai palm, a kind of palm that belongs to Arecaceae family, a native of the Amazon rainforest. This is a round small fruit with deep purple color and has a single big seed. Acai berries may be formulated as instant drinks, juice, powder, and supplements like capsules and tablets. Weight loss is considered to be one of the main benefits of acai juice for which the juice is advertised and consumed recently.

For about a decade, the effects of acai juice for weight loss has been a controversial topic among many researchers in the health industry. The main focus of acai juice for weight loss is fundamentally on the nutritional components that the acai berries has. According to the researches made, acai berries has higher amount of antioxidant properties compared to other natural juices advertised in the market.

Not only that, acai berries have also different amount of monounsaturated “good” fats that has great impact on lowering the cholesterol level in our blood. Acai berries also has an important quantity of phytosterols and dietary fibers. These elements have great importance especially in maintaining the digestive and cardiovascular health. Omega 3, 5, 9, and other essential fatty acids can also be found in acai berries or acai juice.

Because of these nutritional elements, acai juice for weight loss is a persistent topic by both consumers and manufacturers. These nutritional facts essentially work as appetite suppressants. The body still gains the vitamins and minerals needed on a daily basis even though acai juice suppresses the appetite of an individual. Acai juice can also burn your fats because essentially it has amino acids and antioxidant properties responsible for that action. And because it is known for its fat burning capacity, it is a little bit costly than compared to other juices in the market.

Aside from all the essential effects one can get from acai juice, it is also known for its energy boosting effects. This indeed makes acai juice a good alternative from frozen acai berries, yogurt, supplements, and flavored smoothies.

Fruits And Nuts


Green Tea

Healthy Organic Green Tea For Long Life

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay


Consumption of green tea is very Chinese as it has been a staple beverage for almost 5000 years now. This habit has lived on until now because it aside from deriving many gains out of it, it is also ingrained in their culture and history.

It has, in fact, spread out to many other Asian nations and the other parts of the world as well. Today, the clamor for green tea specifically for organic green tea is incredibly high. Yes, the world clamors for organic green tea. This comes along with the demand for everything organic. The world has seen everything and decided to go back to basic, to what is natural and safe. So if you want a product to sell, the magic word is “organic”.

Organic are actually chemical compounds that make up biological systems. Currently, the usage of the word “organic” can connote a lot of meanings. The most popular of which refers to growing plants and animals without using synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. Hence, it is totally understandable why the public learned to link organic with safety, natural and healthy. With the over valuing of “organic”, what else is there to expect but the ballooning of demand for it reaching its peak now. That says the same for organic green tea.

You want authentic organic green tea? Do you dream of steeping and sipping organic teas like Longjing, Cui Jian and Mo Li Hua Cha from China? Don’t lose hope because China is still the world’s leader when it comes to tea production and export. And so, chances are they are available for sale in your neighborhood stores. If the organic teas can’t be accessed, why not opt for good organic substitutes like Tazo or Bigelow? For compounded health benefits one may try those combined with the mushroom Ganoderma lucidum.

Ganoderma lucidum used to grow without cultivation but is now being commercially grown to satisfy the demand owing to its over 200 active components known to enhance well-being. The advantages are incredibly numerous just like reducing the cholesterol, strengthening the immune system, cleansing effects, balancing blood sugar, unclogging the arteries with fat deposits and these are just a few.

Organic green tea brings a horde of unbelievable goodness in every cup. As a matter of love for oneself and for one’s health, drinking green tea is healthy and must be made a habit or a regimen.


Four Delicious Pomegranate Recipes

Image by Edeni Mendes da Rocha Teka from Pixabay

Pomegranate recipes are popular nowadays. Not only it gives a lot of benefits to our health, it as well gives a delicious flavor to our mouth. So now is the right time for you to serve yourself with a refreshing and tasty pomegranate cocktail. Here are four delicious pomegranate recipes, which you could try, and would absolutely fit your personal taste.


Pomegranate Manhattan


This is one of the tastiest smoothies you could have, and the ingredients are:

• 1/4 cup of pure pomegranate juice
•1 1/2 oz of whiskey
•2 dashes of Angostura bitters

Instructions. Mix all the ingredients into cocktail shaker, and then fill it with ice. Shake the cocktail shaker for seconds until you feel the coldness outside of the container. Strain it into the glass. Add 1/2 tablespoon of simple syrup or fine sugar. When using sugar, be certain that you have shaken the cocktail until the sugar dissolves.


Double-Pom Grenade


This has two great ingredients, fresh grenadine and pomegranate juice, which most people like because of its aftertaste. Listed here are the ingredients of double-pom grenade.

•1/3 cup of pure pomegranate juice
•2 oz of dark rum
•1/3 cup of soda water or seltzer
•2 tbsp of seltzer or grenadine
•squeeze of lime

Instructions. Combine all the listed ingredients. Pour it in a tall glass. Add some ice and a lime on it.


Pomegranate Mimosas


This is one of the easiest pomegranate recipes. This recipe and serve 8 people. Here are its ingredients.

•1 bottle of pre-chilled Champagne or Cava
•1 cup of chilled fresh orange juice
•2 cups of chilled pure pomegranate juice
•1/2 cup of Cointreau or orange liqueur

Instructions. Combine the orange juice with other juice in one big pitcher. Slowly pour and mix some wine on it. Serve right away in the champagne flutes.


Pomegrante Sangria


This is less than the conventional sangria recipe, a super delicious, and one of the easiest to make pomegranate recipes. This recipe can serve 8 people. These are the ingredients.

•1 cup of pure pomegranate juice
•2 rosé wine bottles
•1 large of ripe orange
•1 large of green apple
•1 cup of raspberries

Instructions. Stir all the ingredients, and wait for one hour before you offer it to your visitors. You can add frozen raspberries as ice cubes.


Bbq and Barbecuing Oversights

All of us make barbecuing and barbeque cooking mistakes.

Sometimes we do not even know what they are until we recognize that the barbequed and grilled food you cook is not as great as you’ve had somewhere else. Make a mental note of these outside cooking ideas and get in the outdoor cooking game.

Your typical yard cook is no specialist in the bbq or grilling field. He has no tv reveals on the Food Network. He has no grilling cookbooks out. Nor has any of those belonged to his life time objective.

No, your average outdoor cooking lover makes more errors with bbq barbecuing than you could ever picture. The meat winds up dry and difficult repeatedly, despite marinading for hours. Or the meat is scorched or cooked too long.

BBQ Smoke
Image by Hai Nguyen Tien from Pixabay

Because your average backyard cook generally does not know any various, these mistakes are made time and time again.

Here are a few of the more typical errors and do’s and don’ts made in bbq grill cooking:

1) If you began with frozen meat, make sure the meat is thawed completely. Trying to prepare the within a still-frozen piece of meat is beside difficult without burning the exterior.

2) When utilizing a charcoal grill, try to begin the fire without charcoal lighter fluid. Lighter fluid taste will constantly get into your meat no matter how much you cook the coals down. A chimney starter makes starting the fire a breeze. It also allows you to include charcoal along the way ought to must the coals stress out along the way.

3) Never poke the barbeque meat with a fork after cooking has actually begun. When poking with a fork, the juices will run out of the meat and right into the bottom of the barbeque pit or grill.

4) Lower the heat. Other than for steaks, that require a fast searing, cook slow over low to medium heat. Lower heat is much more manageable and it will make the meat tender and juicy.

5) Quit raising the lid to inspect the meat. Each time you do that it alters the temperature level inside the barbeque grill or pit. Air from you opening the cover imitates a sponge and dries the meat up. Opening the lid also increases your possibilities of flare-ups.

5) This is more of a food security mistake. Do not put the prepared meat back on the exact same plate or platter that the raw meat was on without cleaning it first. Mixing the prepared with the raw just asks for someone to get sick.

Naturally, these are not all of the mistakes made by the amateur outside cook, but are some of the more common. But if you will prevent doing these yourself, you will get rid of many of the things that trigger barbeque failures.
Your visitors and family will question how come your grilled or barbequed food is a lot better then it utilized to be.

And, who understands? … Maybe the Food Network will come trying to find you.


Cinnamon Stick

Easy Cinnamon Recipes

Nothing spells homemade baking better than a whiff of that cinnamon aroma filling the kitchen making its way to the whole house.

The world has a bounty of cinnamon recipes to share; from cinnamon beverages to baking and cooking using cinnamon. There are so many cinnamon recipes and trying them all is not just possible.

Cinnamon Bread

One of the most common and widely raved about recipe is the cinnamon bread.

Cinnamon Bread

The world offers so many ways and versions of baking the cinnamon bread that comes a mainstay in the many parties and meals. It is used in both formal and regular meals as well as in desserts. If having a party, consider baking your own version of a cinnamon recipe for bread with its aroma pervading the air and stimulating the appetite of the guests and everyone present.

Are you ready to try another cinnamon recipe yet for cinnamon bread?


About three cups of all-purpose flour, two cups of sugar, a package (5.1oz) instant vanilla pudding mix, half a teaspoon of baking soda, one and a half teaspoon of baking powder, half a teaspoon of salt, two teaspoons of ground cinnamon or cinnamon powder, one and a half cups of milk, half a cup of vegetable oil, half a cup of apple sauce, two whole eggs (beaten), a teaspoon of vanilla extract, and two tablespoons of cinnamon sugar.

The Three-step Method:

1. Prepare two loaf pans, grease them while the oven is preheated at 165C.

2. Combine and mix the following dry ingredients in a big bowl: flour, powder, salt, sugar, baking soda, baking pudding mix, and cinnamon. In another bowl, mix the milk, oil, applesauce, eggs, and vanilla. Stir in the second mixture to the first mixture until smooth then, dust the bottom of the pans with cinnamons sugar and divide the mixture into the two pans.

3. Cook in the baking chamber for about hour while doing the toothpick test.

There is nothing compared to baking your own cinnamon breads in your kitchen. Let your home be literally a home sweet home with easy cinnamon recipes.



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