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Digital Art Photography

Trends In Digital Art Photography

Gone are the days when fine art photography uses camera that is set manually and uses rolls upon rolls of films that are developed in a dark room with chemicals.

That has long been changed by digital art photography that made the process intelligent and efficient.

Digital Photography Equipment
Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

A variety of light sensors that are focused by the lens are used in contemporary digital art photography to capture the picture. This is in contrast to the exposures being made on traditional photographic films that are light sensitive. Its impressive technological capacity is exhibited when the pictures are stored and downloaded into computer systems that allow them to be manipulated, edited, transformed, transmitted, saved and printed. These allow the making of digital photos fast, inexpensive, accessible and easy.

Inspite of the intelligence of the digital art photography, it also has disadvantages like its capacity is restrained by the memory of the camera, the digitizing device and the output tools like printers and monitors.

This implies the significance of the capacities of the hardware. This triggers the ongoing competition between technology providers to upgrade the powere of digital cameras and those built in mobile phones and other hardware. The results lead to improved technologies of phones and cameras, higher pixels, greater zooming powers, high-memory chips, etc. Touch screen and 3-D technologies are also being improved to further the capability of these cameras for finer products in digital art photography.

Despite of it all, superbly done images can only be done by human artistry manipulating the technology to his advantage. Noted photographers of this generation do not only make use of what the digital camera can offer automatically, but rather explore and experiment with lights and filters to stage a photograph. Filtering choices across the spectrum is a technique that similarly pushes technology providers. Printing devices and mediums are also getting hyped for better quality prints.

The scope of domination of digital art photography in this age is unmistakably impressive as a hobby, business or profession. The race for technologies is one and one is apt to speculate what can still come.

What about technologies made cheaper?

Modern Leather Bed

The Future Of Comfort – Modern Leather Beds

We’ve come a long way from sleeping on bare floors or packed earth. Wherever there was cultural growth, people have always striven to perfect their ideal for comfort and ease.

Ottomans, divans, foutons, and four-poster beds have been, for one culture or another, the embodiment and perfection of their ideal of comfort.

Nowadays, the latest trends are all for the sleek, earthy, and stylish modern leather beds. Although some of us may think that they’re a regression into something medieval, these sleek and modernistic takes on old comforts are actually very pleasing.

Modern leather beds generally veer towards the growing taste for sleek, minimalistic, and often monochromatic furnishings which are a far cry from how beds used to be back in the day. The recent vogue for furnishings have taken on a whole new turn, and we’re no longer after ornate woodwork or delicate lace and silks – instead we’re on to slick and simple furnishings with little to no fancy compliments.

The amalgamation the minimalistic aesthetics of Japanese furniture, and the modern aesthetics of Western concepts has resulted in the hybridized version that is taking the West by storm. Modern leather beds are the newest type of furniture which embodies elegance and comfort as is evident in the sleek and inviting sheen of perfectly upholstered leather.

The timeless quality of leather has made modern leather beds the new pinnacle of comfort just as feather down and velvet was a hundred years ago. Just like a second skin, it is cool in the summer and warm during winter, and the high-quality full-grain leather has an appeal that only becomes more pronounced with time.

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

When properly treated, leather is known to resist stains and require very little maintenance. With time, leather ages and takes on original characteristics which makes it stand out uniquely among other, more conventional furnishings. If you’re a stickler for perfection though, leather conditioning creams are widely available which help keep your modern leather beds look like new despite the constant use.

Available in a number of colors with black, brown, and matte white being the most popular, modern leather beds are durable and extremely reliable furnishings than will stand the test of time if taken care of well enough. A lot of modern houses can benefit from the aesthetic make-over that these sleek and futuristic furnishings can give to even the blandest of rooms.

Since convenience is now the rule of the day, a lot of modern leather beds have built-in storage spaces that will prove useful for the organization of various items.

It you’re after the perfect balance of functionality, elegance, style and simplicity, modern leather beds are definitely right for you.


High Protein Supplements – The BodyBuilding Secret

Bodybuilders and athletes all have this goal of being fit, strong, and physically impressive.

Unlike us, such individuals have their own dietary needs and standards which are often a notch tougher to meet than ours. Although they are also somewhat restricted as to the kind of food that they can consume, they require protein in order to live.

The Building Block

Protein is the building block of amino-acids which are necessary for the proper function and maintenance of the whole body, without which we wouldn’t have hair, skin, nails, muscles, and even internal organs! Because a diet which is low in protein usually results in sickness or weakness, athletes are required to consume more than adequate amounts of them to make up for their grueling activities.

Their consumption of high protein supplements actually accomplishes several things: it helps repair the muscle damage brought upon by strenuous physical activity, it also helps in the development of finer and stronger musculature and build, and lastly, it provides a steady, complete, and quick source of energy.

Owing to the often hectic lifestyles of some athletes, high protein solutions are often sold in easy-to-prepare and easy-to-consume bar and powder forms. High protein supplements are also marketed to the general populace in the form of tablets which can be take daily to compensate for a lack of protein in one’s diet.

Protein Supplements

People who are on special diet may also benefit highly from high protein supplements especially if their diets demand a low carb high protein requirement. There are many high protein supplements today which cater to a variety of different dietary needs to better suit the varied lifestyles of today.

There are many sources for high protein supplements with the majority being natural and organic vegan sources to enable vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike to partake of them. Two of the most popular high-protein supplements are made from soy and whey protein. They are generally found in powdered form.

Other high protein supplements include those derived from eggs, casein, legumes, and whole grains. Hydrolyzed and isolated high protein supplements are also available, usually being flaunted as products which are quickly absorbed and used by the body.

No matter your dietary needs, a controlled consumption of high protein supplements is guaranteed to be healthy for you and your family!


All About Pheromones For Men

Some researchers are still doubtful about whether or not humans essentially make and react to pheromones.

In fact, almost all kinds of mammals have pheromones. For many years, scientists still don’t want to believe that humans can smell these hormones. Isolated researches, on the other hand, has reportedly placed a gene in human beings that cause the olfactory system to distinguish and obtain the chemical messages by the pheromones.

Chemical Messages

Once these chemical messages are acquired, the body of humans would respond to pheromones with a lot of changes in their psychological, physiological, emotional and behavior.

Androstenone, androsterone, androstenol are three pheromones for men. The main functions of these pheromones in men, as claimed by the scientist, would include catch opposite sex’s attention, own a territory, and even release during aggression.


Male pheromones are released normally by their androgen steroids.

Androstenone or “anone” is believed to be found in the sweat and urine of men. The scent of this pheromone is something like a fresh vanilla, which depends on person’s olfactory genes. Not everybody could smell anone. Actually, the individual who would respond to the functions of pheromone are those only posses the genes and androsterone odor receptors. Also, many studies show that pheromones for men are use to attract both men and women.

Androstenol is naturally found in women’s hormones, but men also have a small amount of this pheromone. It is identified for prompting social interface. It is as well found out that this pheromone plays on important function in the fighting ability and violent behavior of men.

Androsterone or “arone” is a pheromone for men that is popularly known to everybody. This musk and camphor scented pheromone basically plays an important function in the men’s masculinity and domination. In fact, this pheromone can be discerned by 65% of human population as based on the studies made by the researchers.

While many individuals are completely stimulated by arone, but others resisted it. Women and men can be fascinated with one another because of arone. In fact, many sprays, cologne, and perfumes for men have small amount of pheromones in it. And because of that, arone is now thought to be the best component used in drawing interest of the opposite sex.

These are just a brief understanding about pheromones for men.

The power of pheromones are still under the studies of many researchers around the world. And because of its effectiveness to draw other’s attention, a lot of manufacturers integrated pheromones in their products like perfumes, colognes, and sprays, which definitely is a big boom in their industry.


Cinnamon Stick

Easy Cinnamon Recipes

Nothing spells homemade baking better than a whiff of that cinnamon aroma filling the kitchen making its way to the whole house.

The world has a bounty of cinnamon recipes to share; from cinnamon beverages to baking and cooking using cinnamon. There are so many cinnamon recipes and trying them all is not just possible.

Cinnamon Bread

One of the most common and widely raved about recipe is the cinnamon bread.

Cinnamon Bread

The world offers so many ways and versions of baking the cinnamon bread that comes a mainstay in the many parties and meals. It is used in both formal and regular meals as well as in desserts. If having a party, consider baking your own version of a cinnamon recipe for bread with its aroma pervading the air and stimulating the appetite of the guests and everyone present.

Are you ready to try another cinnamon recipe yet for cinnamon bread?


About three cups of all-purpose flour, two cups of sugar, a package (5.1oz) instant vanilla pudding mix, half a teaspoon of baking soda, one and a half teaspoon of baking powder, half a teaspoon of salt, two teaspoons of ground cinnamon or cinnamon powder, one and a half cups of milk, half a cup of vegetable oil, half a cup of apple sauce, two whole eggs (beaten), a teaspoon of vanilla extract, and two tablespoons of cinnamon sugar.

The Three-step Method:

1. Prepare two loaf pans, grease them while the oven is preheated at 165C.

2. Combine and mix the following dry ingredients in a big bowl: flour, powder, salt, sugar, baking soda, baking pudding mix, and cinnamon. In another bowl, mix the milk, oil, applesauce, eggs, and vanilla. Stir in the second mixture to the first mixture until smooth then, dust the bottom of the pans with cinnamons sugar and divide the mixture into the two pans.

3. Cook in the baking chamber for about hour while doing the toothpick test.

There is nothing compared to baking your own cinnamon breads in your kitchen. Let your home be literally a home sweet home with easy cinnamon recipes.



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