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Hard Breast Lump

Hard Breast Lump – Is It Cancer Or Not?

When a woman feels a hard breast lump during breast self-examination, many thoughts suddenly run through her head.

Her main worry is if the hard breast lump that she just discovered is suggestive of breast cancer. Finding a hard breast lump is indeed distressing but all your anxieties may be lessened if you seek consult from your doctor. The truth is, as many as four out five breast lumps that are biopsied turn out to be non-cancerous. But with that said, it’s still advisable to have the lump immediately checked by the doctor in order to know for sure if it’s cancer,or just a benign breast lump condition.

What usually differentiates a cancerous breast lump from a benign breast lump is movement. A breast lump may either be easy to move around or otherwise. Even though most malignant lumps in the breast are firm and hard, get comfort and ease in the possibilities that such lumps may simply be benign.

If all hard and non-movable lumps were breast cancer, diagnostic exams such as mammograms, biopsies, ultrasounds, CT scans, and MRIs would not then be at all required. Just because you have a hard breast lump doesn’t mean that you are bound to die of breast cancer anytime soon.

The vast majority of hard breast lumps fall under benign fibroadenomas. Women of all age groups can possibly suffer from benign lumps, but these are more common in young women aged 30 years old and below. Women who were at birth control pills at a very young age can likewise suffer from such condition.

Although it is believed that women suffering from fibroadenoma have an increased risk of developing breast cancer, don’t get too frantic about it because this happens only in certain rare cases. But as mentioned earlier, consulting a doctor is still important.

In conclusion, bear in mind that it’s very vital that you consult a doctor for any breast lump that you find. Visiting the doctor for further evaluation is necessary, whether or not it’s a soft or hard breast lump that you found.

One cannot be too unconcerned about a hard breast lump just because you were informed that a huge majority of it is simply a benign condition called fibroadenoma. Yes it’s true that a hard breast lump has an 80 percent chance of being benign.

But don’t forget too that it could be 20 percent cancer.

Mutual Funds

How To Invest In Mutual Funds – A Step-by-step Guide

Many people have heard about mutual funds, have wanted to invest in mutual funds, but simply do not know how to invest in mutual funds. With the untold numbers of mutual funds around, how do you get rolling?

Below is a detail-by-detail guide on how to invest in mutual funds:

1. Know your objective

Mainly, the approach is to realize your purpose and the length of time you wish to invest. For example, if you are saving on your dream house in the next three years, and saving for your retirement 35 years down the road, you will have to invest separately on each. Saving for your dream residence takes a little length of time. Because of this, it is advisable not to make an investment which will be locked for an extended period. On the contrary, a 35-year allowance for your own retirement savings is plenty of time. You can therefore consider investing in mutual funds which will be locked for a much longer time.

2. Look for the right mutual fund for you

Mutual funds, as with all other products, there are corporations or providers who deliver the product and the traders or distributors who put them up for sale on the market. Mutual funds are typically marketed in broadsheets. Investors can directly contact the dealers and agents of mutual funds for information and application forms. The best way to gather information, however, is to contact an independent investment advisor or investment advisor in banks and brokerage houses.

3. Pick a mutual fund that meets your preferences

Every single mutual fund is unique and offers various kinds of schemes. An independent/bank/brokerage house investment expert can assist you in coming up with a decision based on your requirements.

4. Invest in a mutual fund

Now that you have talked to your advisor about how to invest in mutual funds, you now have better understanding of what to purchase and how much it will cost you. After you have reached a decision, you can now start investing in mutual funds from companies such as Vanguard, T. Rowe Price or Fidelity

Wind Turbine

Wind Renewable Energy Is Free And Infinite


Image by TeeFarm from Pixabay


Harnessing the energy of the wind has been powered by man’s early attempts to innovate technology in order to deal with the environment.

It served him well in the past like in operating of sailboats, sailing ships and windmills for irrigation and milling grains. The wind renewable energy is not only free, it also has no limits. This wisdom has supported man’s use for it for over 5,000 years particularly in the cultivation of vast lands where power is needed, but unavailable or too expensive.

Fundamentally, wind renewable energy is actually solar renewable energy. It is a product of the uneven heating of the atmosphere by the sun and the spinning of the earth. The wind flow and its velocity and direction are influenced by many variable features on the surface of the earth. The wind turbines transform the wind flow or motion energy into electricity as it is harnessed. A wind turbine is like a reversed that sucks wind rather that blows it, turn the shaft, transmit this to a generator and converts it into utilizable energy called electricity.

Wind is so unlike fossil fuels that expensive and consumable. Its combustion produces pollutants including carbon dioxide which is destroying the ozone layer. Conversely, wind renewable energy is a source of energy which is clean, free and can be exploited without fear of being depleted. And because the space in the open waters is more expansive, it more ideal fo a wind RE system; so it need not eat up the living space of man and the other valuable sytems.

If there are downsides to its harvest, these are the noise which turbines produce, the high mortality it can impinge on birds and bats when these fly into rotors or blades and being unsightly. The bigger challenges are the intermittent nature of wind and the high initial cost of the facility. Imagine needing energy and it cannot be generated because there is no wind.

There is hope in the battle against energy crisis, global warming and pollution with wind renewable energy. The promise of wind renewable energy gives hope if the snags and the challenges can be handled by the design and technology.


Home HIV Test – Kits And Procedures

The FDA or Food And Drug Administration supported home HIV test kits that could be bought in any healthcare stores and online.

First, a special code number is given to the patient for identification. This is also for privacy purposes. Kits usually consist of a lancet, which is used to prick the finger, and a testing card where the blood is placed. After the blood testing, the sample will be sent to the laboratory for further analysis. Results are usually obtained a week after.

In fact, pre and post test instructions are given by the home HIV test kit manufacturers. These home kits as well are now available in several retail shops out there. Most of these kits have oral sponge for swabbing the mouth, and a lancet for pricking a finger for blood sample. Results are given in five to ten minutes after the initial test.

Home Access is FDA approved and considered as highly reliable and accurate home HIV test. The tests approved by the FDA have not found to be statistically a vital factor of accurateness and reliability of the results. The private laboratories could have examined for correctness and validity of the non-FDA approved tests; however, the FDA has rigid and methodical testing sets of rules that private laboratories might not go after.

Additionally, when some of these tests are improperly utilized could provide false results. This is because of the lack of training on how to correctly interpret the results. Whatever be the results of eth test, it still have a great impact on the person tested and to other people since the virus can be spread given that the patient believes he is not infected yet he is truly is.

Most of the time Home HIV test kits prices could be $40 to $70 for one test. The non-FDA approved tests could costs $20 or less, but these would not be offered in the market for a long period of time. The test products for HIV not approved by FDA are strictly monitored especially in the United States; this is done to prevent any misinterpretation of tests results. Unfortunately, lots of of these non-FDA approved manufacturers assure accuracy and confirmation of results, much to the loss of those who buy these kits without even doing the appropriate research.

Hidden Gun Cabinets

Possible Locations For Hidden Gun Cabinets

There are many reasons why some individuals carry a gun.

The main reason of the majority is their job, as in cops and security officers. But for the ordinary citizens, particularly men, they do carry a gun for hunting, trouble shooting, and self-defense. But whether or not you’re a professional or amateur gun owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that your guns are safely hidden in your home.

Hidden gun cabinets are very useful, particularly when you have youngsters loitering around the house.

Making your guns out of reach of children is always a good idea. Bear in mind however that young ones, specifically toddlers, like to investigate their environment. Solely hanging or laying your guns in spots where children cannot really reach it only works until they learn how to jump or ascend using a stool. It is for this reason that hidden gun cabinets become an almost essential item in the house when one has several firearms.

Hidden gun cabinets allow gun owners to effectively secure their firearms. Most hidden gun cabinets are installed in the walls. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t simply mount these cabinets in whatever place you could think of. It would be wise if you mount your hidden gun cabinets in places where most people don’t usually go, like a safe basement.

There exist some hidden gun cabinets that are placed behind pictures or large paintings as well. It is very unlikely that people would attempt to remove paintings on the wall out of curiosity. This is basically the reason why hidden gun cabinets behind large paintings do the job well. In addition to that, hidden gun cabinets have the advantage of using up very little space. This means a lot for gun keepers because they can secure their weapons without the hassle of using up a large area.

Hidden gun cabinets are also commonly mounted under the bed. Mounting your firearms safe to the floor is a good idea because most people would not think of a storage area on the ground, much more so under your bed.

There are several ways to creatively and successfully keep your guns. Unused guns must be hidden, and hidden gun cabinets are proven useful in safeguarding your family from any unfortunate gun accident.

Mexican Food

Popular And Awesome Mexican Chicken Recipes


Traditional Mexican recipes are products of pre-Hispanic traditions.

Chicken, vegetables with wine, and salsas of onion and garlic is just an example of many Mexican dishes popular nowadays.

Below are two Mexican chicken recipes that are popular nowadays.


1. Chilaquiles Chicken Casserole


Chicken Casserole



•2 marinated (salt and black pepper) chicken breasts
•2 cups of chicken stock
•½ cup of whipped cream
•3 cups of tomato salsa
•12 corn tortillas
•2 tablespoons of vegetable oil
•½ teaspoon of pepper powder
•1 diced onion
•3 cups of grated cheese


Place the chicken stock in a large saucepan to boil. After that, add the marinated chicken breasts, cover the saucepan, cook it and wait until the meat become tender. When cool, slice the meat into preferred proportions.

Blend the shredded chicken salsa, cream, salt, and onion, pepper in large mixing bowl. Heat the vegetable oil in the frying pan, and fry the tortillas and see to it that the sides are soften. Drain the oil in the tortillas with the use of a colander.

Appy some oil into the casserole dish, and put the chilaquiles (fried corn tortillas), and in the baking dish, garnish it with cheese. Mix the chicken and salsa into the dish, and check if all the tortillas are softened with the juices.

Garnish it some cheese on top. With the use of an aluminum foil, cover the casserole and put it in oven to bake for at least 30 minutes. Before serving, make sure you let the Chilaquiles Chicken Casserole to cool down first.


2. Chicken Enchiladas


Chicken Enchiladas



• cooked chicken breasts
•2 cups of chicken broth
•corn tortillas
•half cup of fresh cilantro
•green onions
•one cup of cream
•shredded cheddar cheese
•minced onions
•one-fourth cup of flour
•chopped green chillies
•vegetable oil


Cook the tortillas for at least five minutes on the frying pan. Roast the chicken for one hour. Take away the bacon slices.

Roast the chicken again for half hour, or until the juices are clear. Place the roasted chicken into the platter. Use aluminum foil to cover the entire chicken. Prepare the gravy. Remove the chicken fats that accumulate in the bottom of the pan. Put some wine and chicken stock, then boil it.

For five minutes, heat it in low fire, and boil it until the amount have been reduced to half. On the platter, slice the chicken and add some ingredients like bacon slices, roasted garlic, one sliced lemon, and reserved thyme. Don’t forget to serve the gravy.

Mexican chicken recipes is among the delicious recipes that your family will love.


What You Need To Know About Affordable Dental Care


Image by Rubén González from Pixabay


Are you in search of the best affordable dental care plans?

Almost all of us today need to have affordable dental insurance, whether you are employed in a company, or you have a business on your own, it is important to look for the ones that suit you best. You should have enough time to know which one would really help you in your dental health needs.

There are numerous insurance companies which give affordable dental insurance coverage. There are as well online sites that offer affordable dental care quotations from several companies, so it is again important to compare them one by one before you pick one.

Most insurance companies giving dental insurance coverage for the costs related to routine procedures like x-rays, cleanings, and checkups. For those who don’t have any dental coverage, there is a tendency that they will not go to their dentist and pay for routine check-ups and procedures. But this could result to different dental health problems. One must not ignore the importance of dental health since this could affect one’s wellbeing.

If you have problems with your dental health, the tendency is to spend a lot of your funds for it. With an affordable dental insurance coverage, all the dental costs are covered. In fact, there are many affordable dental insurance plans made available these days, but it is essential to understand first each policy, offer, and coverage.

If ever you need to undergo some special dental procedures, the dental insurance could help you with the expenses. However, you have to search for this coverage. There are several companies that provide coverage for tooth extraction, crowns, and cavity fillings. Some companies only give a portion of their financial aids on these procedures, but as you can see this is a very big help on your part since you can keep aside a huge amount of money on your pocket. One can also check affordable dental insurance for families since there are companies nowadays are also offering this coverage.

So, with the availability of affordable dental care for every individual and family today, they could maintain their dental health without even compromising their funds. But just like any other insurance coverage, it is good to take note and know all the necessary details, information, policies, and coverage of the insurance you are going to get so that you don’t have any problems whenever you need them in the upcoming.

Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting Tips For A Beginner


Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay


Do you want to spend a day touring on the wine country? If that’s what you want, discuss here are some wine tasting tips you can have with you especially if you go to different country and taste some good wines there.

The main objective of many wine tasting tours is for you to gain more knowledge on which wine suits your preference, and which one does not. Now see on the three wine tasting tips to help you in finding that wine you like.

Color. This is one of the most important wine tasting tips because it provides you a few insights on the age of the wines. For newly produced white wines, expect to see pale yellow to amber color. When these wines are not used and aged, their colors will become golden-brown. Meanwhile, red wines are on the other side of the spectrum. They colors will get lighter when they age. Newly produced red wines will range from lighter shades of red to deep cherry red.

Aroma. Many individuals try to note the quality of the wines through its smell. Try to see if you could differentiate all the different fragrances of the different kinds of wines. Try to smell different kinds of fruits such as apples, berries, and citrus. This is helpful especially when you want to know the different aromas that each wine has.

Tasting. Today, tasting wines are done by many people in the comforts of their own home. One of the wine tasting tips that is important for you to apply is pouring just a little amount of wine onto the glass. If ever you have different wines to pick from, it is normally better to begin with wines with the lightest taste (whites), and then go to the darker and stronger wines (reds). Having a sensitive taste buds is a very significant factor in wine tasting. If you want to taste different kinds of wines, take a small sip of water before you proceed to other flavors. Take time to feel the flavors of the wines.

Choosing the right wines for you is the most important thing you can do during your wine tasting sessions.

Wine Shop

Image by photosforyou from Pixabay

Actually, no one really knows on the kinds of wines that really suits your taste buds. As you continually taste wines for a long time, you will gain more experience and determine which wines suit your taste buds.

Weight Loss Plan

A Good Weight Loss Plan Starts With Eating Healthy


Image by Gábor Adonyi from Pixabay


In general, there are only two ways to get rid of body fats and lose weight eventually: eat less and exercise more. Altering bad eating styles and creating balanced food choices will definitely be an integral part of a good weight loss plan.

Below are some great ideas so you can have a kick start on your good weight loss plan for diet:

1. Listen to your body and consider if you are really hungry. A good weight loss plan starts with paying attention to one’s body. Sometimes, people confuse hunger with thirst that they end up eating, not realizing that a glass of water is all they need.

2. Increase your consumption of water. Water can boost a person’s metabolism and hence can burn calories. But if you don’t like plain water, calorie-free beverages are a good substitute.

3. Increase the amount of fruits and vegetables on your diet. A good weight loss plan must focus on what a person can add to the diet, not what a person must take away. Make an effort to make vegetables the main component of your plate, rather than simply serving them on the sides.

4. Refrain from eating at night time. Most people eat during the late hours not because they’re hungry but because it has already become a habit. Research shows that eating during midnight can result in weight gain, so think again before you it those junk foods.

5. Eat frequently in small quantities during the day. Eating in small portions on a regular basis keeps a person relatively full. This strategy allows a person to have more power over appetite and weight.

6. Do not deny yourself of your most loved food. Depriving yourself of your favorite food may only lead to weight gain because the moment you cannot control it anymore, chances are it will only lead to rebound overeating. Give yourself a break by eating your favorite food from time to time, but do it in moderation.

7. Never rely on food for comfort during periods of stress. Turn to a hobby when dealing with a stressful situation. Read magazines, log onto the internet or listen to music instead of coming to the kitchen to eat.

So many people are resistant to change but bear in mind that a good weight loss plan calls for a change. Simply start light and easy and find delight in eating healthy.

Red Hair Color

Chic Red Hair Color


Image by Claudio Terribile from Pixabay


Pizzazz! That’s how red hair color can best be described.

It emphasizes ardor, vivacity and appetite for life. It’s a head turner. People follow you with that kind of interest. This is because the color is too vivid and extraordinary.

The occurrence of red hair in the human gene pool is very rare at about one to two percent of the population. It takes the pooling of two recessive genes in chromosome 16 to lead to its expression as a phenotype or to be physically expressed as a trait. The intensity or depth of color which range from burnt orange to bright copper is always directly proportional to the amount of pigments in the hair.

A homozygous or pure condition of the recessive genes in the chromosome 16 is not a prerequisite anymore to be a redhead these days. A bottle of a good brand of hair colorant is all you need and you are transformed.

One good question that need answered though is: Is red hair color becoming on you?

It is quite becoming if your skin color is fair or cool. If you have a confident stance, extrovert nature and ability to handle attention, then you are welcome to it. Do you have a crown of hair that is in good condition to bind with the small red pigment molecules? Maybe red is really a color you can claim.

Being tender of age goes with vivacity and energy. Some fashionable teen idols have already red hair color like Lindsay Lohan and Ashlee Simpson to serve as models for other teens around the world. One will never run out of choices for a wide array of red shades from faint copper blonde to scorching reds like fire-engine red. If a drastic change sounds too ominous or intimidating, why not try going for the highlights or for depths.

If you have that vibrant personality, thou you may not be as young anymore, any copper shade of copper applied on brown tresses will do great wonders for you. You may also opt for plum or mahogany but expect a more dramatic result. If one’s original hair color is deep brown or black, brilliant reds or copper to mahogany highlights are good for drama, while soft red or plum for subtler effects.

Make red work for you be picking the suitable red hair color or shade and donning a becoming makeup. Using more pink always look good on fair-skinned redheads but not with dark, smoky eyes. The eyebrows need not be the same color as the hair; that will be an overkill.


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